awarded with a 2024 Guggenheim Fellowship
We are thrilled to announce that Tarrah Krajnak has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in the field of Photography. Each year, the Guggenheim Foundation awards approximately 175 fellowships to individuals making their mark in the social sciences, the natural sciences, the humanities, and the creative arts. Some notable Fellows in art include Tod Papageorge, Robert Adams, Mitch Epstein and Susan Meiselas.

Tarrah Krajnak is an artist working across photography, performance, and poetry. “Using a temporary darkroom, multiple projections, large format cameras, and re-photography I imaginatively “return” my body to Lima, Peru in 1979, the year I was adopted from an orphanage there. The resulting series of self-portraits emerge from intersections between the city’s fraught history and my own, making visible the ways that violent or traumatic histories can be held in bodies and excluded from archives. I am interested in the multi-temporality of the photographic medium, and the potential of the darkroom itself as a site of performance or spectro-poetics– a way of conjuring the ghosts that haunt a life.“ (Tarrah Krajnak, 2022)

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