Now representing: ROBERT FRANK

Zander Galerie is honored to announce the representation of Robert Frank in Europe in collaboration with The June Leaf and Robert Frank Foundation and Pace Gallery. 

This exciting collaboration marks a significant milestone in the gallery’s commitment to showcasing pioneering photographic positions from around the world. Zander Galerie will have the debut presentation of photographs by Robert Frank this October at Paris+ par Art Basel and in November at Paris Photo 2023.  

Considered one of the most influential figures in the history of photography, Robert Frank (1924-2019) redefined the aesthetic of both the still and the moving image via his pictures and films. Soon after his emigration to New York in 1947, Alexey Brodovitch hired Frank as a fashion photographer for Harper’s Bazaar. The position brought many occasions for travel, and Frank’s impressions of the United States, in comparison to other places, impacted his work. After receiving his first Guggenheim Fellowship in 1955, Frank embarked on a two-year trip across America during which he took over 28,000 pictures. Eighty-three of those images were ultimately published in Frank’s groundbreaking monograph The Americans, first by Robert Delpire in 1958 in Paris, and a year later by Grove Press in the United States. Frank’s unorthodox cropping, lighting, and sense of focus attracted criticism. His work, however, was not without supporters. Beat writers Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg felt a kinship with Frank and his interest in documenting the fabric of contemporary society. Eventually The Americans jettisoned Frank into a position of cultural prominence; he became the spokesperson for a generation of visual artists, musicians, and literary figures both in the United States and abroad.  

“We are thrilled to represent Robert Frank’s remarkable photographic legacy in Europe,” said Thomas Zander. “His work has left an indomitable imprint on the world of photography, and we are eager to introduce it to a broader European audience. This partnership aligns perfectly with our gallery’s mission to champion innovative and influential photographers.” 

Zander Galerie is dedicated to presenting the work of renowned photographers like Robert Adams, Lee Friedlander, Candida Höfer, Mitch Epstein, amongst others as well as the estates of distinguished artists such as Helen Levitt, Santu Mofokeng, Lewis Baltz and Michael Schmidt, amongst others. The gallery is thrilled to take on the role of representing Robert Frank’s body of work in Europe. This collaboration serves as a testament to the gallery’s commitment to promoting photographic excellence and fostering a deeper appreciation for the art form. The gallery will curate exhibitions and offer unique opportunities to engage with Robert Frank’s iconic images, allowing art enthusiasts, collectors, and the public to immerse themselves in his powerful storytelling through the lens.  

Currently on view: 
Robert Frank and Todd Webb: Across America, 1955, at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX, USA, through 7 Jan 2024.

Stay tuned for upcoming exhibitions, events, and exclusive releases as we embark on this extraordinary journey to celebrate the artistic legacy of Robert Frank. 

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